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I am a fan of the Australian cooking magazine, Delicious (they also have an English version.) It started with their Italian issue about 5 years ago and I have been a fan ever since. I also have a few compilation cookbooks from one of their main chefs, Valli Little, so I chose one of those for February. Cook book for February 2015 recipes

I ended up making 5 fairly diverse recipes, starting with Quick Beef Stroganoff.
Beef for StroganoffBeef for StroganoffBeef Stroganoff

This was an easy dish to make with minimal chopping, although not cheap since it used filet. The perk of using the expensive cut was the fact that it stayed super tender, even when reheating. She wanted the stroganoff served with potatoes, but I chose egg noodles instead.

Next was Tandoori Salmon w/Lemon Rice and Coconut Sambal. This required a trip to the Asian market for tandoori paste, plus was a bit more work, because it had three components, but turned out beautifully.
Tandoori Salmon with Lemon Rice and Cucumber-Coconut Sambal
I was quite pleased to discover a new way of cooking salmon.

Third was a do ahead Warm Pumpkin and Goat Cheese Salad. I chose it for yoga night, when we get in late.
Roasted Acorn SquashWarm Squash and Goat Cheese Salad
This was really yummy and even my husband, who is not a huge fan of goat cheese, loved the flavor combination.

Next up was Leek and Mushroom Frittata. Again, a pretty easy dish for a busy weeknight (which is the point.)
Ingredients for Mushroom FrittataMushroom Frittata before bakingMushroom Frittata
A simple dish, good flavors, and also worked well for breakfast/brunch.

The last recipe was a Chicken and Peanut Stir-fry. I had everything on hand except the chicken and the water chestnuts, so again, not a huge effort for a lot of pay off.
Chicken and Peanut Stir-fry
This was also a hit with my husband and I served it with cooked brown rice.

Since this was a compilation from a magazine, the recipes are also online, so I have posted them below. Happy Cooking!

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Thanks. I particularly liked the pumpkin salad and the salmon.


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