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Do not get me wrong, I am happy for spring, but wow 2014 is moving by fast. Last week did not start off the best, with the hubby stabbing his hand with the boning knife. One trip to the ER and two stitches later, he is fine, just a bit inconvenienced.

The rest of the week was much less eventful. It was another good gym week, plus we went to an evening yoga practice at the new studio. It ended up just being the two of us, so was a bit more intense; yay headstand, tripod headstand, and side crows...The plan is to keep it up this month and then try a Yin yoga class next month.

It was also our week to travel to the permanent home, so that was both a little stressful and a little nice. It is colder there, so not as much yard work, but the weeds were still bursting through. We did manage to watch all of the dvr'd "Episodes." It was pretty funny, but I think I like it more a couple of shows at a time, rather than 9 in two days. We have "Game of Thrones" recorded for tonight...

I also bought some short ribs and sirloin tip to grind hamburgers and made potato buns, so we had cheeseburgers and roasted sweet potato fries for dinner Saturday night. They were pretty yummy.


We must have picked up a nail on the drive back yesterday, because I woke to a flat this morning. It is all patched now, so hopefully will last until it is time for new tires. This week will hopefully, be fairly quiet now. I will need to make bread again and am going to give DIY vanilla extract a try.
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Well, my cryptic musing about not being able to walk the next day after the yoga class came true, but not due to the not get me wrong, I was really sore: shoulders and hamstrings in particular. What laid me flat, sometimes hunched over, was food poisoning. Hubby and I were both having a craving for sushi, so we went to a local place last Saturday evening. I should have known when it took wayyy too long to arrive at the table and was slightly warm, but by then we were really hungry...another tell was that we did not have seconds. We have been known to eat an ungodly amount of sushi, so this should have been a clue, before we were both heaving at 2AM. He recovered quicker than me, by forcing something into his stomach, I was out for the count for 2 days...

Even with that, it was a good gym week (3 days in a row with a break today, yoga again tomorrow and a run or walk on Sunday.) It was also still a good week for cooking. Pork butte was on sale, so I made a new (for me) carne adovada recipe that is quite good. It is not like we remember from New Mexico, but I am not surprised by that. I also made an Italian style (cream cheese and mascarpone cheese) cheesecake for my March dessert of the month. I thought it was going to be an epic fail at first (was supposed to be a 10" pan, I only had a 9" and the conversion from metric to English units are a little off,) but it turned out really tasty. Not so pretty, hence no picture, but it is light (in texture, not calories, woah momma) and has a nice vanilla flavor.

The title of this post refers to going further down the trail of DIY...I am contemplating making my own cleaning products. If they work, there are many benefits, the least of which is cost, so I am thinking about trying dish washing tabs first (mainly because that is what I will run out of first.) The biggest issue with them and some bulk cooking recipes as well, is storage space. You either have leftover ingredients that take up space or you make a vat that takes up space...ah well, I will keep you posted.
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Another week gone by and thank goodness a fairly uneventful one. I had a great gym week; 4 days in a row (the first time this year,) followed by a rest day and then this morning, I went to a new yoga studio very close to my house (and just opened) for a practice of 108 sun salutations to celebrate the spring equinox. I may not be able to move tomorrow, but I felt so accomplished when I did number 108.

I had some good news regarding the car...the body shop believes they can fix the dent without replacing the bumper, so a few hundred dollars saved, plus they will fix some scratches in the front that are a couple of years old.

Recipes this week included: bagels (see below,) homemade loose chorizo, grill smoked salmon, meatballs, and marinara sauce.

Friday morning bagels

The weather is starting to get nicer and so I am beginning to think about gardening. I will start with some herbs and then as it gets past frost time, tomatoes and peppers. I do not want anything huge, just (hopefully) a small plot of heirlooms that I cannot get at the farmer's market. I hope the spring finds everyone on my flist with some more pleasant temps. See you next week.

Short one

Feb. 10th, 2014 12:24 pm
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Well, I spent last week suffering from the head cold/flu crud that is going around. 3 boxes of Kleenex later, I am feeling somewhat normal again. Finally worked out on Saturday and again today, so that is helping. I will list below in bullet points what I hope to report back on, on Friday.

1. Making homemade mustard
2. Starting on homemade bacon
3. Second batch of homemade almond butter
4. Bircher meusli
5. New RMR test

Have a great week!
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Today's post has no real theme; kind of like this week...

The week started off pretty well for me, not so for the hubby. He got to work on Monday to find that a pipe had burst and his whole area (along with about 20 others) was flooded. Since it is a quasi-goverment site; they were locked out until it was deemed "safe" for them to go in and pack there things up, so they could be moved to another building. As stated before, since this is quasi-government, that did not happen until Tuesday afternoon, right before they closed the site due to weather. He finally got his stuff and a computer, so he could you know actually work, Thursday afternoon.

We had sleet and then snow on Tuesday night, so being in the deep south, everything was closed and no driving took place Tuesday evening to Thursday morning. We watched "Captain Phillips" Tuesday night. It was an edge of your seat kind of movie, but enjoyable (Tom Hanks should have gotten an Oscar nod.) We spent a nice day together on Wednesday. I made some homemade mayonnaise and cooked Daube Provencial (a fancy way of saying Southern French style pot-roast) with egg noodles for dinner. We opened some wine and spent a lovely evening in our warm little house.

Due to the weather, I postponed my RMR test until next week, so no new news on that. Thursday was spent with me a little in the doldrums, but going to the gym seemed to snap me out of it today. I plan to make some homemade peanut butter this afternoon and then since I seem to be in a braising mood; braised pork shank with mashed potatoes on Sunday.

I hope everyone had a pleasant week.


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