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I adore Italy and Italian food. I think that I could eat it every day for the rest of my life and die happy (most likely fat, but happy,) so my cookbook choice this month was from Lidia Bastianich. Lidia Cooks from the Heart of Italy

I have made a few recipes from this particular book before, but have not delved into it quite like this. The first recipe I made was Risotto alla Gorgonzola. It was very tasty with that distinctive blue cheese bite, but alas the wine I had before it caused me to forget to take a picture. The next was also a rice dish: Riso alla Pitocca

Riso alla PitoccaRiso alla Pitocca

This was a risotto like dish that reminded me of a thick chicken and rice soup. Very good for a cold night, whether in temperature or illness.

Next came Zuppa di Mele e Fagioli, an apple and bean soup from Trentino-Alto Adige

Zuppa di Mele e FagioliZuppa di Mele e Fagioli

This was a bit "out on the limb" for me. It turned out well, but needed more heft. Maybe by substituting broth for the water or adding more beans. The finished product is on the right and as you can see, looks like it needs something.

Next was an easy baked cod, Tinche al Forno
Tinche al Forno

I thought this was an easy weeknight way to do fish (seasoned breadcrumbs, lemon, olive oil, and wine.) My hubby was not a huge fan and thought the wine was a bit overpowering.

Next came Farro con Salsa di Peperoni, farro with roasted peppers.

Farro con Salsa di Peperoni

I love farro and even though this was a bit labor intensive (roasting and peeling peppers,) the flavors were amazing!!

Last was chicken again, Polla con Olive e Pignoli. Chicken with olives and pine nuts.

Polla con Olive e Pignoli

This might have been my favorite. The brine of the olives, mixed with the chicken and the toasty pine nuts, was a big YUM. I will definitely make the last two dishes again.
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