May. 14th, 2017

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It has been forever since I have posted in a journal...for some reason, I find this much more difficult than Instagram or Facebook, but this is me trying to change that.

Pretty much anyone who knows me in real life or online also knows that I am mildly (some would say more than mildly) obsessed with cooking and baking. I am constantly actively looking for new recipes, happening upon them, or finding inspiration. My latest source of inspiration is The Great British Baking Show...I know, I am woefully behind, but I do not watch a lot of television anymore, so just found it. A couple of online friends from fandom have mentioned (and baked some of the challenges) over the years, so when I saw it on PBS, I knew I needed to try it out. I love it! I love that it exposes me to some foods I have never heard of before, I love that there is so little drama and I particularly love that everyone is nice to one another. We are through the first season (which might actually not be the first season shone in Britain) and I was struck by the Kouign Amann challenge. It is a Breton pastry that I had only recently heard of and had never eaten, but I would like to make croissants soon and thought it would be a good warm up for them. I looked at recipes (including the one from the show) and decided to go with this one:

I liked the step-by-step instructions and the fact that it could be broken up into 2-3 days. I did it in 2 and am very proud of how they turned out:

Onto croissants!!


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