Jan. 31st, 2014

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Today's post has no real theme; kind of like this week...

The week started off pretty well for me, not so for the hubby. He got to work on Monday to find that a pipe had burst and his whole area (along with about 20 others) was flooded. Since it is a quasi-goverment site; they were locked out until it was deemed "safe" for them to go in and pack there things up, so they could be moved to another building. As stated before, since this is quasi-government, that did not happen until Tuesday afternoon, right before they closed the site due to weather. He finally got his stuff and a computer, so he could you know actually work, Thursday afternoon.

We had sleet and then snow on Tuesday night, so being in the deep south, everything was closed and no driving took place Tuesday evening to Thursday morning. We watched "Captain Phillips" Tuesday night. It was an edge of your seat kind of movie, but enjoyable (Tom Hanks should have gotten an Oscar nod.) We spent a nice day together on Wednesday. I made some homemade mayonnaise and cooked Daube Provencial (a fancy way of saying Southern French style pot-roast) with egg noodles for dinner. We opened some wine and spent a lovely evening in our warm little house.

Due to the weather, I postponed my RMR test until next week, so no new news on that. Thursday was spent with me a little in the doldrums, but going to the gym seemed to snap me out of it today. I plan to make some homemade peanut butter this afternoon and then since I seem to be in a braising mood; braised pork shank with mashed potatoes on Sunday.

I hope everyone had a pleasant week.


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