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When last we left our heroine (me,) I was recovering from a cold, but ready to get back to life; famous last words. I posted on Monday and an ice storm hit Tuesday night with a second round Wednesday day/night. We were prepared to be inside for a few days with movies and recipes to make. I was productive on Wednesday; taking pictures, finishing my mustard and making bread:
Ice Storm 2014

Whole-grain MustardWhole-grain MustardWhole-grain Mustard

French Baguettes

The fun ended Wednesday night when the power went out. We were in bed anyway, so just contacted the electric company and went to sleep. We awoke Thursday to no power, 50 degrees in the house and two of the neighbor's trees having fallen in our driveway; blocking the cars in. We spent the next several hours, sans coffee, trying to clear the driveway. I helped, but did not have proper gloves and boots, so ended up intermittently huddling for warmth under the covers. Once we were able to get out, we went to Starbucks. After half an hour of waiting; we finally had caffeine. Then it was off to Home Depot, but sadly no propane/kerosene heaters were to be had, so at 5PM, we packed up the car, called the neighbors at our permanent home (to check road conditions) and set off for electricity and heat. We certainly consider ourselves lucky to have had another place to get to, some people suffered with no power for close to a week. We came back on Sunday to power, but no cable or internet. That was finally fixed Thursday night (hence the tardy post.) There were a couple of other issues (a stone pillar falling to block the driveway and breaking a water connection at the main, causing a leak and no water for 18 hours,) but overall, we were lucky and people really pulled together and helped their neighbors.


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